equipmentPoolTastic can supply and install an extensive range of equipment to suit all purposes and budgets. From the must have basic pump through to the top of the line self-testing chlorinating system. PoolTastic supply and install equipment for both inground and above ground pools, Vinyl lined, Concrete, Pebblecrete, Fibreglass, Quartzon and Marblesheen.




Pool Cleaners


Your choice of pool cleaners is as varied as your tastes. From simple and budget conscious suction cleaners through to pressure cleaners with booster pumps and mag wheels. The options for pool cleaners are endless. Talk to our technician about what type of cleaning system is best for your circumstances.





We at PoolTastic stand by our pumps. We offer an exclusive onsite warranty service for the life of the warranty. Just a phone call to us will ensure that you don’t need to lift a finger in getting your pump back to perfect running condition.

Ask us how we can save you hundreds every year with our energy efficient variable speed pumps! You can literally save hundreds of dollars annually!!!




Saltmate RP20Take the hassle out of daily chlorine dosing by changing to a salt water self chlorinating pool. It’s cheaper & easier than you would think! No need to buy or handle chlorine again. From the budget conscious to the ease of the self cleaning models.




pool filters narellan, pool filters macarthur, pool filters campbelltown, pool filters oran park, pool filters camden, pool filters bradbury, pool filters ruseA good filter is imperative in keeping a healthy pool. Whether it be a cartridge filter or a sand filter, we have you covered.

We only use Zeolite as our sand filter media due to its amazing filtering capabilities. PoolTastic highly recommend changing over to Zeolite in your next sand change. Remember….. the filter media should be changed every 8-10 years.

Pool Blankets

pool blanket narellan, pool blanket macarthur, pool blanket campbelltown, pool blanket oran park, pool blanket bradbury, pool blanket glen alpineHaving a pool blanket installed will reduce the cost of maintaining a warm, ready to use pool. It will save up to 97% of evaporation, reduce chemical costs, lessen maintenance time and heat the water by up to 8 degrees. PoolTastic only use Daisy Pool Covers backed by up to an 8year warranty and made for Australian conditions.


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