Frequently Asked Questions

• My old pump is nearly dead and I want a new energy saving pump. Can I change from my old pump?
Yes you can. Where there was an existing pump or even new pool installation, an energy saving pump can be added. We can cut the old pipe work and install the new pump.
• Do you have to sign a contract for Regular Servicing?
Not at all. We work on a regular basis that may be anywhere from weekly to monthly right through to bi-monthly regular servicing and there are no contracts so you can vary through the seasons. You can also have fixed price servicing so there are no surprises!
• Can I change my pool to a salt water pool?
Yes you can! and if you do, you can put on a chlorinator that can make chlorine for you. Never buy chlorine again!
• Is there an easy way to test the pool?
Yes there is. You can find a lot of places that will sell test strips. They are the fastest easiest way. Most test for the basics: Chlorine, pH and alkalinity but are no substitute for professional testing. A good guide for in-between though.
• I have a cartridge filter and want to change to a sand filter. Is that possible?
In most cases, Yes but seek professional advice before purchasing a filter. You will need somewhere for the backwashed water to go unlike a cartridge set up. A great idea is to use Zeolite instead of sand and have much better filter quality and water clarity.