Real Estates

Why Real Estate Agents Love PoolTastic

If you are the Property Manager renting a property with a pool/spa or are listing properties with pools/spas, we could be your best friend!

PoolTastic offer a wide range of services for Real Estates
1- A written report on commencement and completion of the tenancy.
2- A comprehensive written hand over for both tenants and new owners.
3- A written inspection report for properties listed for sale.

Peace of Mind

PoolTastic reports are designed to give peace of mind. Giving a new purchaser peace of mind knowing that there will be no nasty surprises coming from the pool when they move in.

Giving a Landlord peace of mind that their tenants know how to correctly maintain the pool.

Giving the tenant peace of mind by ensuring that they understand how to keep the pool safe and healthy for their family.

Giving you, the Property Manager peace of mind knowing that all the bases are covered and all your clients are happy.